Sell Fully Automatic UV 5-color Screen Printing Machine

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Name: Fully Automatic UV 5-color Screen Printing Machine
Model: TWS-536-5UV
Brand: General TW Series
Max. Printing Length: 180mm
UV Curing System: 5 Groups,3.5KW per group, 300W/inch
Circuit Demand: 3-Phase, 380V, 55A
Air Consumption:6 bar
Max. Printing Speed: 50Pcs/Min
Machine Size(L*W*H) : 4700mm *3350mm *3200mm

1. The machine can print 1-color to 6-color, the fastest printing speed can reach 5000pcs/hour;
2. The control system of entire production line is posed by an advanced modular PLC and simple and easy-to-use touch screen.
3. The control functions of the mechanical drive part include flame surface processing, automatic printing head movements, the enormity of speed, quickness and slow mechanical drive, automatically advance to the place, can meet the printing requirements of the various containers.
4. Electronic sensor ensures the function of No container, No printing.
5. Automatic flame surface treatment device can change surface structure of container, ensure that the printing ink attached to containers firmly.
6. It applies to the container of cosmetics, food, medicine and so on.

Expanse Performance:
The machine can be designed according to given parameters from our customer.

Application Scope:
It applies to kinds of plastic, glass, china, wood, textiles, piece, electronic container etc.