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512MB / 1GB Fully Buffered DIMM

FB DIMM (Fully Buffered DIMM) is a new generation server memory technology that is currently being standardized by JEDEC, the industrys standard group.

FB DIMM resolves DDR2 memory capacity issues and will enable two-way servers to reach 64GB of DDR2 memory in 2006. These servers can provide 8, 12 or 16 FB DIMM socket configuration with main memory flexibility, can accommodate dual-rank FB DIMMs in all sockets.

There is a heatspreader helps to dissipate heat away from the memory modules. Being, there is an Advanced Memory Buffer (AMB) , is a controller or specialized processor, consume more power than older DDR2 Registered DIMMs.

Users can mix up the single and dual-rank FB DIMMs in matching dual-channel sockets. You can also mix 533MHz and 667MHz with lower speed. For best performance and cost effectiveness, all FB DIMMs should be identically matched for speed.
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