Sell Fully-automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper, Auto Pallet Wrapping Machine

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WT1525SAE Fully-automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper, Auto Pallet Wrapping Machine

Stretch wrapping machines are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported & storaged to protect them from tip, spill or from being damaged. Additionally, wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified. Stretch pallet wrapper is widely used in chemical industry, electronic industry, building materials, home appliances, paperrmaking, foodstuff, drink etc.
a. PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROL) and frequency transducers control system for easy operation and reliable performance, requiring no maintenance.
b. Programmable user interface, enables derectives input according to wrap requirements. No repeat input required for memory function.
c. Film savings for prestrech film carriage. Variable film tension adjustment in view of film quality. Max prestretch ratio to 300%.
d. Insertion type carriage for easy film replacement. Max diameter LLDPE film reel 300mm, max height of film feel 500mm. Min reel diameter 76mm.
e. Pallet height sensing photocell detector, automatically senses the loads height and controls travel limit. Wrap over load wrapping can be automatically done through user interface parameter setting.
f. Carriage kill switch for guaranteed safety.
g. Low turntable to ease operator loading/unloading via pallet jack.
h. Variable speed turntable 0-14rpm with soft start and soft stop.
i. Automatic mode with optional manual operation.
j. Turntable, column, and other parts could be custom engineered to specific applictions.

Model#: WT1525SAE
Product decription: fully automatic stretch pallet wrapping machine, auto pallet wrapper
Max load size: L1200 x W1000 x H2100mm
Max load weight: 2000kgs
Wrap speed: 30-40 loads per hour
Turntable diameter: 1500mm
Turntable height: 82mm
Turntable speed: Variable speed turntable 0-14rpm with soft start and soft stop
Controls: Automatic PLC (PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CONTROL) ; manual optional. Wrap cycle (top, bottom, reinforcement) adjustment, language selection. Variable lift speed/ film tension control. Film carriage up/down controls.
Film carriage: prestretch film carriage, with max 300% prestretch ratio, accepts 300mm x L500mm Rolls of Stretch Film, wrap height up to 2.1 metres
Machine dimensions: L2390 x W1500 x H2500mm

Origin: Shenzhen, China

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The innovative and teamwork spirit allows us to produce a complete series of stretch wrappers, ranging from semi-automatic wrapper, to fully automatic wrapping machine and rotary arms. Remote control features our latest development.
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