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Fulvic Acid is the elite extracted from humic acid, It is the most versatile and productive substance derived from nature. providing myriad benefits for soil, plants and other fertilizer, it's certainly the most valuable input in organic agriculture.

Technical data:
humic acid : >=80%
water insoluble matter : <=10%
has smaller molecular weight .
fulvic acid has better trait by its water solubility and higher integrate ability.

Nutritionally , as a good fertilizer enhancer, sharply increase the utilization efficiency of plant to various mineral fertilizers in soil and stabilize urea.
Physically, as soil conditioner, promote good soil structure formation, increase the capacities of water holding and cation exchange and improve aeration condition.
Chemically, as chelating and buffering agents, respectively helps retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers, preventing them from leaching, and protect plants from drastic change in PH.
Biologically, as food sources, establish a desirable environment for microorganism development; as a stimulant, stimulate seed germination and viability , and root respiration, formation and growth. thus increase crops yield and quality.
Detoxify pollutants in the soil. They absorb poisons(reducing soil-life damage) and catalyse the rapid breakdown of the toxins.
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