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This function generator is a widely used generator with following features:
Digital cymometer and counter function;
Built-in linearity/log sweep function;
All ports with short circuit and input voltage protection;
Ext FM and VCF input;
Metal casel, fine electromagnetic compatibility, smart outlook;
Output voltage led display, TTL/COMOS output;
Frequency variable to gain more accurate measurement;
Touch switches lightly, panel function indication;
50Hz sine wave output convenient to experiment teaching.

Frequency range: 0.5~5MHz
Frequency division: 7 div decimal system
Output waveform: sine, square wave, triangle, pulse, slant, 50Hz sine
Rising time of Square wave: 50ns 5 Vp-p 1MHz
Extent of output voltage: 20Vp-p(1M(Ohms))10Vp-p(50(Ohms))
DC offset: 110V(1M(Ohms)) 15V(50(Ohms)VCF Voltage range: 0~5V, Duty:>=100:1type of output signal: single, FM, SM
SM type: linearity, log
SM velocity: 5s~10ms
Ext FM voltage: 0~3Vp-p
Ext FM frequency: 10Hz~20kHz
Output protect: short resist input voltage: 135V Sine wave distortion: <=100K:2% >100K:30dB
Frequency response: 10.5dB
Triangle linearity: <=100KHz:98% 100KHz: 95%
Symmetry adjust: 20%~80%
Attenuation accuracy: <=13%
Symmetry infection: 110%
50Hz sine output: 2 Vp-p
Test accuracy: 5bits 11% 11word
Resolution: 0.1Hz
Strobe time: 10s, 1, 0.1
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