Sell Functional Body Beauty Suits, T-shirts, Trousers

Functional Body Beauty Suits, T-shirts, Trousers You May Also Be Interested In: magnetic power magnetic treatment muscle fatigue shirts trousers trousers
Different to ordinary trousers and suits, ours contains Tourmaline-special stone, which can release Far IR magnetic power, Negative ION, automatic heating and release body necessary mineral substance.

By Magnetic Treatment, Far IR, besides Bacteria resistance, the Tourmaline can improve blood circulation, relieve sense of muscle fatigue, effective treatment to various ordinary ailments.

For body beauty suits, it can also function to reduce waistline, lift hip, make breast strong. Besides, by Far IR and Points stimulation, to improve blood circulation, improve immunity power, eliminate sense of fatigue.

All have Male and Female shapes by various sizes.

We also have Stone Magnetic Underwears for Male and Female.

Making effect like traditional Chinese Acqupuncture therapy, but it is more Convenient and Modern.