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UIT is the investment bank which is financing many projects around the world. UIT focuses on World-wide Project Funding in the private sector and arranges Debt Funding only. If you have projects that are looking financial sustain, you can write to me, and we will see how to finance the project.

UIT gives advice, assistance and guidance for the funding of self-liquidating projects n nearly all types of industries from Agribusiness to Mining, from Manufacturing to Tourism.

The priority is given to the following sectors:

AGRO-INDUSTRY (cultivation, production, canning, freezing, packing, packaging, slaughtering, processing, bottling, etc. for domestic/export), such as:
- agriculture, crops, cotton/natural fibres, natural oil,
- aquaculture, shrimps
- forestry, timber, wood, pulp and paper, tanning
- livestock, poultry
- food, fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, seafood
- dairy products
- beverages, breweries, soft drinks
- horticulture
- animal feed

INFRASTRUCTURE (basic assets or services that support the economy, including privatization), such as:

- telecommunication
- transportation, roads, highways, railways, shipping. Airports
- utilities, energy, power, electricity, gas, fuel, coal, water, cogeneration, waste management
- petroleum products, refinery, storage
- port facilities, harbour terminal, container terminal, shipping and cargo handling operations
- cement plants

MANUFACTURING AND COMMERCE (production, transformation, distribution, sale-domestic and export of added value goods)

- almost all kinds (diversified industies), such as machinery and equipment, computer/high tech/electronics, building materials, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electrical, textile, leather, clothing, healthcare, sporting goods, glasswork, etc.
NATURAL RESOURCES (extraction, refining, processing, transmission, distribution, marketing  domestic and export), such as:
- mining, ore, minerals, basic metal industries
- crude oil, raw materials
- gas

PROPERTY AND TOURISM (construction, development, operation, sale/lease of fixed assets)

- land, residential, commercial, industrial development, shopping centre. Industrial parks, office buildings, real estate construction (housing, factories, etc.)
- hospitality and leisure industry (hotel, resort development, entertainment, etc.)
- educational institutions (schools, universities, etc.)
- medical ancillaries (hospitals, clinics, nursing and residential homes, etc.).

We also accept requests for income Producing Properties which are leased or rented such as:
- Commercial Properties: Office Buildings, Shopping Centres, Business Parks, etc.
- Industrial Properties: Factories, Plants, Warehouses, etc.
- Residential Properties: Apartments Complexes, Townhouses, etc.

Other sectors/Industries on a case-by-case basis as the situation is constantly and rapidly changing: Simply ask!


- production of arms, weapons, ammunitions, etc.
- classified drugs
- property portfolios
- projects with substantial government participation
- co-operative owned projects
- non-profit organisations

We are not arranging interest-only loans, credit lines, revolving loans, etc.


. Syndicated Loan Arrangement (SLA): minimum loan amount is US Dollars 15 Million and up to US Dollars 200 Million.
. Small Loan Program (SPL): minimum loan amount is US dollars 5 Million and up to US Dollars 15 Million.

Andre Nzomono-Balenda
Consultant in International Trade