Sell Furfuryl alcohol

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Weifang Changda Chemical Industry Co. , Ltd. can supply and export Furfuryl alcohol.
Furfuryl alcohol is also called furancarbinol, its molecular formula is C5H6O2.
1. Molecular formula: C5H6O2
2. Molecular weight: 98.10
3. Usage:One raw materials of organic synthesis, can make Levulinic Acid; different performance furan resin; furfuryl alcohol-uric acid resin and phenol aldehyde resin, etc. Superior to butyl, octyl alcohol esters with it for cold-resistant of plasticizer. It is the good solvents of Furan Resins, varnish, pigment and rocket fuel. In addition, it can also be used in synthetic fibers, rubber, agriculture chemical and casting industry, etc.
4. Characture: Yellowish liquid, when exposed in the sunlight or the air, it will become brown or crimson. Flammable, bitter flavor, it can dissolve in water, it doesn't dissolve in petroleum hydrocarbon. If it meet acid, it can easily polymerize and violently explode, and then produce difficult resin.
5. Quality index:
Assay: 98% min
Density: 1.129-1.135
Moisture: 0.2% max
Furfural: 0.5% max
Acidity: 0.01 mol/l max
Cloud Point: 60C max
6. Store and transport: Store in shady and cool dry ventilating place, forbid kindling material, must guard against strong acid and/or strong oxidizing chemicals.
7. Packing: 240kg net iron drum. 19.2MT/20'FCL