Sell Fused Cast AZS Brick

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Fused cast AZS brick is applied to glass furnace or frit furnace. after complete melt, cast in the mould with materials, produced by cooling and curdle. Especially notice is in the condensation course, due to volume constriction become cavities. The AZS's cast method is Normal Cavity, Oriented Cavity, Cavity Free and Reduced Cavity. Different cast methods of AZS product are suitable for different glass kiln part's requirement.

Typical technical specification:
1) Model:AZS-33
2) ZrO2:Min32%
3) SiO2:Max14.5%
4) AL2O3:remains
5) Na2O:Max1.4%
6) Fe2O3:Max0.15%
7) TiO2:Max0.10%