One Time Sell Fused Dichroic Glass Donut Pendant w/ .925 Donut Holder

Fused Dichroic Glass Donut Pendant w/ .925 Donut Holder You May Also Be Interested In: dichroic glass donut donut holder donut pendant fused dichroic glass
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This fused dichroic glass donut pendant is professionally handcrafted and comes with a removable (hindged back) .925 Sterling Silver donut holder. The colors shift in hues of blues and greens.

Dichroic - simply means having 2 or more colors at different angles of light. Dichroic Glass has an amazing way of handling light and has a beautiful array of colors! It transmits one color and reflects another color, which makes it incredibly difficult to photograph, as a camera can not capture the depth or color change. Truly the only way to fully appreciate dichroic is to hold in your hand.

Dichroic Glass was originally created for the Aerospace industry for their Satellite mirrors. It's a specially coated glass that is placed in a heated and airless vacuum chamber. Then the surface of the glass is blasted with an electron beam gun, which coats the glass with different metallic oxides to create different color effects. It has many technical uses including: Lighting, Fiber Optics, Infrared Lasers, Motion Picture Equipment, Sun Glasses, and more. The quality Dichroic surface is stronger than the glass that it has been placed onto, and it does not fade over time.
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