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Fusible interlining:
non-wowen and wowen fusible intelining
we can provide the interlining with width you prefer.
2060 112 C% 20SX20S 60X60
8505 112 C% 21SX21S 60X58
2050 112 C% 20SX20S 50X50
3068 112 C% 30SX30S 68X68
8508 112 T/C65/35 45SX45S 96X72
3056 90 C% 30SX30S 56X44
4262 90 C% 40SX40S 58.5X55
PE5850 90 T/C65/35 45SX45S 58X50
9910 120 T/C65/35 10SX10S 35X33
For shirt (HDPEwith the characteristics of standard white colour, little shrinkage, soft hand feel and resistece to washing, our shirt interlining is the most ideal material for shirt in high grade
For woman fashion
NO. Width(CM) Composition Warp x weft Density
M501 122 T DTY50DXDTY50D 1
9805 112 T 40DX75DTY 20针
9807 112 T 40DX75DTY 12针
20D 122 T DTY20DXDTY20D 1
S110 122 T DTY30DXDTY30D 1
PA5850 90 T/C 65/35 45SX45S 58X50
5643 112 T/C 80/20 45SX45S 56X43
S5850 90 T/C 45SX45S 58X50

Using extra-fine DTY base cloth and minute point coating technique gives interlining soft hand feel, wonderful adherence, drape effect, durability to washing and dry cleaning. It's a new type of environmental friendly product without anti-corrosive agent in concentration and suitable for fashion garment, woman garment and silk garment.

For suit
NO. Width(CM) Composition Warp x weft Density
2001 112 T T60SX75DTY 58X35
9900 112 T DTY75DXDTY75D 0
9608 90 T/R 50DX16R 0
9609 112 T/R 30SX20R 48X30
8501 90 T/C 28S/2X21S 41X32
8502 90 C% 32SX32S 67X28
8503 90 C% 40SX40S 58.5X55
BL685 150 * 45SX150D 50X48
With elastic and soft hand feel, ideal resisance to washing and dry cleaning, giving shirt outstanding shape retention. It does not contain any anti-corrosive agent.

For cap and waist (PA)
NO. With(CM) Composition Warpxweft Density
5153 112 C% 23SX23S 50X50
8404 90 C% 10SX7S 50X28
9910 120 T/C 65/35 10SX10S 35X33
S8301 112 T/C 65/35 23SX23S 42X40
9916 115 T 16SX16S/2 35X33
9921 115 T 21SX10S/2 35X33
Possessing good elasticity, high value of delamination, minimal shrinkage, we can provide you any width.

. Shirt linings: Polyester Cotton NT series and Pure Cotton 2060, 2050, 2460 shirt linings possess the quality of stiffness, high resilience, washing well, high stripping strength, good shape-keeping and aging resistance.
II. Outer garment linings: Outer linings 8501, 8502 and Warp knittings 50PA, 9904, 9905 possess the quality of soft feel, good drapability and dry-cleanability.
III. Thin dyed adhesive-bonded fabric lining 9115A series and Stretch 9803, 9804, 9903 adhesive-bonded fabric linings, with their qualities of being 'light, thin, soft and stiff', match various kinds of fashions and meanwhile provide color matching services.
IV. Waist linings 1034 and 1634, after special treatment, are high in stiffness and resilience and good in shape keeping.
V. Nylon non-woven sand-washed linings are soft, stiff and resilient and resistant to sand washing.
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