Sell G10 GSM Alarm Host

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i. Zone

2 hardwire, 8 wireless (315M, 433M)

ii. GSM

GSM network frequency: 900/1800MHz or 850/1900MHz

Consumption: 1W(while sending message)
Support three target phone numbers
iii. LED
Eight controller works LED
iv. External Low-voltage protection
Start-time: less than 1s

v. Data response
Less than 10s (GSM in normality)

vi. Power

Power requirements: AC 220V 50Hz
Normal consumption: less than 3W
Standby battery: DC 8.4V
Standby battery working hours: more than 4 Hours

vii. Working conditions

Operating temperature: -20 to 600
Humidity: 20% to 95%
viii. Weight

Net weight: 0.5Kg
Gross weight: 0.75Kg
ix. Dimension
Dimension: 180mm(Long) W130mm(Wide) W32mm(High)


7Adapt wavecom double frequency GSM module.

78wireless guarding zones, 2hardwire guarding zones.

7Arm/disarm by remote control with telephone keystroke.

7Support 3 user phone numbers, which receive alarm message while host alarm.

7support 3 user phone numbers, which auto-dailed while host alarm, and drive wiretap.

7Human voice prompt while the host is working.

7Support dialog.

7Alarm without alternating power.

7Equip standby rechargeable battery.
Brand Name
Patrol Hawk
Warranty Coverage
a year