Sell GBL Type Scraper Feeder

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GBL type Scraper Feeder is used in clearing of the dreg at the bottom of the boiler in the coal burning thermal power plant. The whole length of the machine is between 10m~35m according to the different purposes in using. When the desirable length of the scraper feeder is less than 14m, we can serve the machine as a whole; when the desirable length of the machine is longer than 14m, we can divide it into 2~4parts. The width of the scraper is normally 1.2m, or can be less or more than 1.2m under special circumstance.

The dragging chain wheel of machine uses concave teeth wheel, which has strong adaptability to the chain. When the chain and the joint are badly worn, it will still work without losing the chain. This prolongs the life of the chain.
The top cave is fully lined with casting stone which can lower the abrasion of the scraper and the chain.
The stretch and contraction of the chain are controlled by speeding-down the worm and lifting the screw, which makes the regulation of the chain easier to control.
The loop chain scraper rolls on the tray wheel, which makes the scraper hang in the air, thus it lower the driving friction and ease the abrasion of the scraper and the chain.
The scraper and the chain are connected by furcating non-bolt gemel, which make the regulation of the distance between the scrapers convenient.
The enter hole does not have a bolt to tight up; it can be opened by a push.
The rear of the machine is open structured, which is easy to maintenance and change the chain.
The anti-jam plate core valve may help the machine overcome jams.