Sell GC modchips QOOB-Pro

GC modchips QOOB-Pro You May Also Be Interested In: 3d sticker cable supports modchips special cable usb transfer
+ Direct boot of all media, without swapping!

+ Supports all regions PAL / USA / JAP
+ On-board MP3 Player included
+ Super easy USB upgrade system (USB transfer cable included)
+ DVD Disc upgradeable
+ Network upgradeable
+ Bios selection/control supported
+ Supports all retail hardware (DOL-001 USA, JPN, EUR and DOL-102)
+ Fastboot of original discs
+ Compatible with "GCOS" and other IPL replacements, allowing homebrew development via SD card (**) and/or network
+ Comfortable easy to use Windows PC flash software (in download section)
+ Supports homebrew and open-source coding
+ Integrated media compatabilty check (checks all sectors of inserted media)
+ Streaming Audio Fix
+ Integrated status LED
+ Easy Installation, only 6 wires (no soldering on qoob chip required, special cable included)
+ Multicolor graphical user interface for easy operation additional product image
+ Supports Mini/DVD-R, Mini/DVD+R
+ 16MBit on-board Flash to store homebrew applications
+ High secure - low power Actel FPGA
+ Packed in a stable cardboard box including all wires, 3D Sticker and USB transfer cable
+ Supports multi-game discs (game compilations on one disc)
+ Supports multi-disc games (games on more than one disc)
+ Supports Panasonic Gamecube
+ Supports Action Replay cheat codes
+BBA required
+SD card adapter required
+Original Action replay needed once