Sell GCK Series Exchanges Cabinet Of Low-Press Draw Out Switch Cabinet

GCK Series Exchanges Cabinet Of Low-Press Draw Out Switch Cabinet You May Also Be Interested In: industrial mineral
The switchgear serves in the power system of three-phase four-wire and three-phase five-wire to function as power receiving and feeder, reactive power compensation, power metering, lighting and centralized control of motor in power plant, substation, industrial & mineral enterprise and tall building. , etc.


The basic frame of NGC1 is of packaged design. All structure parts of frame is pr0essed by zinc-plating and plastic-blasting.
The compartments for bus, functional unit and cable, which can avoid the spread of accident and make live maintenance convenient.
The door of compartment realizes the mechanical interl0k through the operating mechanism of main switch and the drawer


Rated voltage
AC 380V

Rated insulation. voltage
AC 660V

Rated current
Main bus: 1250A,1600A,2000A,2500A,3200A,4000A,6300A
Distribution bus:1000A,1200A

Rated frequency

Protection grade
IP30, IP40

Overall dimensions(Withx DepthxHigh)
600(800,1000,1200) x800(1000) x2200


supply the following documents:
a. All the types of the switchgear including the main circuit scheme number and the supplementary circuit scheme number.
b. The assembly sequence diagrams of the main circuit system.
c. The electric principle diagrams of the auxiliary circuit.
d. The inner cubicle components list.
e. The data of voltage, current, time in circuit.
f. The special requirements not under the normal service condition.