Sell GDZG DC High Voltage Generator

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GDZG-300 series of DC high voltage testers are researched and manufactured in light of China industry standard ZBF 24003-90 《 Universal technology Conditions about portable DC high voltage testers》 . They are applicable to the electric power branch, power department of factories , scientific research units, railway, chemical industry, power plants, which use them to do test on zinc oxide arrester , magnetic blowing arrester, power cables, generators, transformers, switches and other equipments.

 Rated voltage: 40kV/60kV/120kV/200kV/300kV
 Rated current: 2mA/3m A/4mA/5mA
 Power: AC220V110%, 50Hz
 Ripple coefficient: <=0.5%
 Voltage meter precision: 1 (1.0 %reading10.2KV)
 Current meter precision: 1 (1.0 %reading12)
 Voltage stabilization: stochastic wave , <=1% when power wave110%
 Capacitance: soluteness(tested res)
 Work condition: -10~400, relative humidity: <=85%(no condensate)
PS: For Combined machine design of 40KV equipment , the high voltage can be output directly with earthing cable. We can produce other type of equipments if you need