Sell GE511 Adjustable Differential Pressure Flow Switch

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* Protection Grade IP54
* Media Temperature -20~93 C
* Environmental Temperature -20~71 C
* Max Voltage 250V AC
* Max Current 3A
* Max Static Pressure 10/16/20 Bar
* Metering Substances Oil, Water (If special substances, please declare)
* Max Pressure 25bar (30bar could be custom-made)
* Main Materials Brass or Stainless Steel

* Stable
* Accuracy Control
* No Pressure Loss
* Dirt Resistant
* Easy Install
* Easy Adjustment of Switch

GE-511A Series is D-P Flow Switch with single adjustable setpoint. The adjustable differential pressure switch could be calibrated directly by manufacturer according to customers requirement, and printed the calibrated value on the label of product, so user needs not readjust in the field. The customer could calibrate by professional instrument according to the differential pressure required by equipment, and A. YITE COMPANY could provide relevant service.

GE-511B Series is D-P Flow Switch with 2 adjustable setpoint. In order to meet various requirements of customers, A. YITE COMPANY also developed the adjustable double setpoints DP switch for upper-lower limit control of differential pressure. And if choose the local indicator, it could be applied to control the water cooled evaporator and condenser in HVAC system, the more or less flow of other heat exchanger, and low flow of heat exchanger due to scaling or dirty jamming, which has incomparable advantages than target flow switch.