Sell GFG Series High-Efficiency Fluidizing Bed Drier

GFG Series High-Efficiency Fluidizing Bed Drier You May Also Be Interested In: feed chemical

1. Use screw to extrude and vibrate granule and granulate granule with the method of humidity, high speed and mixing;

2. Suitable for drying humidity block or powder raw material in Pharmaceutical foodstuff, feed, chemical industries and so on fields;

The raw material is large in granule and small in block and having adhesive property


1. The structure of fluidization bed is of round so as to avoid dead corner;

2. Inside the hopper there is a stir in order to avoid agglomeration of raw material and forming canal of flow.

3. The granule is discharged through the method of turning over. In this way, it is very convenient and full. The discharging system can be designed as request too.

4. It is operated at the conditions of negative pressure and seal. The air is filtered. Therefore it is simple in operation and convenient in clean. It is an ideal equipment that is in conformity with the requirement of GMP.

5. The drying speed is fast and the temperature is uniform. In general, the drying time is 20-30 minutes.
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