Sell GFG series efficient boiling dryer

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Mechanism of particle-screw extruder, rock particles, high-speed mixing granulating wet particles.
Medicine, food, feed, chemical industry in areas such as wetlands dry granular and powder materials.
Large granular, small block, block viscous granular materials.
Konjac, polyacrylamide, such as changes in the volume of dry materials.
Structure for the circular fluidized bed to avoid dead ends.
Mixing hopper set up to avoid the wet and dry materials to form reunion ditch flow.
Division over the dumping of used to facilitate the prompt and thorough, can also be designed in accordance with automatic feeding system access.
Closed negative pressure operation, air flow through filter. Simple, easy to clean, is in line with the "GMP" requirements of the ideal equipment.
Drying speed, temperature uniformity, each batch of drying time at 20-30 minutes generally.