GFM SHK10 COLD FORGING MACHINE (2 units) You May Also Be Interested In: cold forging cold forging machine forging machine
New in: 1976 and 1984
Number of hammers: 4
Max. forging force per hammer: 125 t
Number of hammer strokes: 1000/min
Length of hammer: 158 mm
Range of switching the hammers for max. diameter 60 mm
Max. forging diameter: 45 mm
Max. workpiece length: 900 mm
Adjustable feed speed of clamping head: 0-12 mm/sec
Force of steady rest at setting pressure of 30 bars v. V4 ca 5 t
Electrical rated power: 140 kW
Working voltage: 280 V, 50 Hz
Control voltage: 220 V, 50 Hz
Connection of cooling water: R 1 =
Inlet temperature of cooling water: max. 300C
Consumption of cooling water: 9 M3/h
Supply of compressed air: St. R3 fixing dia 20
Consumption of compressed air:
(watered air) 1 Nm3/min
Forging height over floor: 1250 mm
Total height of machine: 2150 mm
Total length of machine: 10150 mm
Total width of machine (without electrical control cabinet) : 5400 mm
Machine weight: 22000 kg