Sell GGS Series Inertial Resonance Probability Screen

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The inertial resonance probability screen is applicable to the coal transmitting system of Thermal power plant, Coal, Mine, Metallurgy, and Construction materials industries to screen the crude coal and mine materials etc. It is of high efficiency and big capacity in screening.

This product adopts the system of two materials coupled oscillation works on the principle that the inertial resonance probability screen almost reaches resonance. It had a high rate of screening and big swing of the screening machine that it does not jam the screen sieve. It is also of great adaptability to materials. The main vibrating spring uses cutting rubber spring that has low noise, and a long life. It is sealed to prevent environmental pollution. The working efficiency is 3 times than that of the original frequency. It has a good anti-vibrating effect. The track of the screen is an ellipse that almost near as a cycle, and maintains stability. It is the ideal screening machine at present.