Sell GI-360 high-speed laser inspection system

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The 3-D, 100% quantitative measuring system for high volume fastener and screw machine part manufacturers. Using an 8-laser array positioned round 360 degrees the Gi-360 will measure parts to print at rates up to 600 per minute. It measures all external features including threads, tapers, lengths, diameters, concentricity, Hex, radii and straightness.

Optional Sensors:


Eddy Current and Vision sensors are options that can be added to detect defects such as missing internal features, defective recesses, cracks, heat-treat and plating variations.
The Gi-360 inspects 360 degrees to ensure every part meets print tolerances, is free from damage, and optionally free from metallurgical inconsistencies to guarantee zero defects.

Most Comprehensive Defect Detection Capability:


Threads: Major, Minor, Pitch Dia. , Thread Quality, Crest Quality
Hex Head: Across Corners, Across Flats
Cracks, Seams
Internal Feature Presence
I. D. Chips
Chips in External Grooves
Radial Damage (threads, dents, burrs)
Patch Presence and Location
Plating Variations