Sell GJJ-1/25 High Pressure Homogenizer

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The series quality chance of Model GJJ is our new products that the newest technology was succeeded in developing of the 1990s according to the world, Used in and lower than 0 viscidity. 2 Pases, temperature is lower than the quality emulsification of 80 ?? liquid supplies( liquid - liquid phases or the liquid - careless lookses) . For instance the quality, emulsification of products, such as dairy products, beverage, cosmetics, medicines, etc. .
This products fill in reciprocating pump process supplies give by high pressure form through posts when working, Use the supplies to flow through valve one and receive the turbulance with valve seat small interval , Melt, shear etc. emptily and compound on the function of strength , achieve the purposes of the quality, emulsification.

Following merits that there are the qualities of high pressure:
*Better stability.
*Have improved the quality quality.
*Better absorption quality.
*Save the expensive additive.
*Change viscidity.
*Reduce and reflect time.
*Can be used in the cell and cuts and splits.
GJJ-1/25The quality chance of high pressure