Sell GKS-BM101A Billing Meter / Billing Machine

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Model No : GKS-BM101A

Product features:

A couple of LCD screens.
Two charge modes: polar reversal signal and compelling charge.
Storing 255 pieces of incoming, outgoing bills records.
Storing 255 pieces of history daily account records
Permanent data storage with FLASH chip.
Lightning protection, preventing high-voltage and static electricity.
Fast, convenient and accurate.
Technical parameters:

Electronic Characteristics
Detective signal: DTMF(Dual Tone Multi-frequency) & PCM(Pulse Code Modulation)
Power requirements: 220VAC110%, 50Hz
Direct current: 3mA~15mA
Environmental Characteristics
Temperature: Operating
High + 400(+ 104℉ )
Low -100 (+ 14℉ )
High + 550(+ 131℉ )
Low -250 (- 13℉ )
Relative humidity: 20% to 95%
Atmospheric pressure: 70Kpa to 106Kpa
Performance Characteristics
Accuracy of DTMF&PCM: >= 99.99%
Velocity of charge : <= 1 Second per bill
The maximum call fee is $655.
The maximum account fee is $655;
The maximum phone digit number is 12.