Sell GKS-BM108C Billing Card / Billing Meter/ Billing Machine

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Model No : GKS-BM108C

The GKSure billing system (PMS) could suit for different charge standards, have current / voltage protection; and leave the room for the further possible development. The whole system is composed of from the tow parts, the hardware of the date collector, and the software for billing. The billing software is integrated into the modeling structure. The external data collector is independently located outside the PC, while the internal data collector is embedded in the PC. Both of them connect the PC through their serial ports. The data collectors of hardware transmit the data into the PC and process the data through the software. The billing software is based on the window operational system to achieve the functions of input of charge standards, maintenance, calculation, printing, statistics, and real-time processing to the bills and so on. The varied kinds and different specifications of the products would make your business in the IP Call Shops flourishing.

Function preference:
Display Business Turnover for Certain Operators/Days
Auto Sum-up Total Call Fee & Total Call Count
Auto Set Zero to Sum of Call Fee / Count when Unlocked
Auto Take Remain Money as Next Deposit when Unlocked
Certain Number Dial for Caller to Lock Phone
Billing Setting : Start Forced Billing
Charge all Call according to Rate of IP call
Sorting Account
Fee Counting only Display Base Conversation Fee
Sound Notification when Hang up
Charge Callers on Incoming Call
Reserve Bill Records of the Incoming Call
Accumulative Score Statistics of Callers
Auto-run System & Auto-shut-off
List of Standard configuration:

Configuration Part# : GKS-BM108C
Module of data collector 1pcs
36P Junction box/36P subscriber line: 1pcs
Communication Cable (2m) :1pcs
Power Cord: 1pcs
Software: 1 set of PMS system installing disk
Operation Environment::

Condition Hardware Configuration 586 or above CPU, 32M or above Memory, 300M or above Hard Disk , 1 or 2 serial ports, 256 or above color, 800*600 or above resolution color monitor.
PCs Operation System Windows95, Windows98, Windows ME,
Windows2000/NT, Windows XP or other higher versions.
Description The PMS is in the system of the simple Chinese characters with small font. It is suggested the spare hard disk space should be at least around 300M to ensure well operation of system.

Requirement for Environment::

Temperature Relative Humidity Atmospheric Pressure Requirements to the power Other
-10C  40C 45% -95% 86-106% 220+- 10%;
50HZ No strong electromagnetic disturbs

Above is the ideal requirement for the environment.
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
Minimum Order Quantity