Sell GKS-BM108KT1 Phone Billing System

GKS-BM108KT1 Phone Billing System You May Also Be Interested In: multiple lines phone system
Large LCD screen, intuitional and easy to use.
Tow lines centralized management.
Be designed according to the <<Multiple lines meter technology requirement and test plan>> which was issued by the national department. The performance is comform to the national standard.
Multiple rate types include: international, national, local call, special call, no charge call, forbid call and so on. Can satisfy different requirements.
Can charge by the polarity change, delay to charge or manual charge. Can perform call in charge automatically.
Automatically identify the dial number and timer error less than 1 second.
Can query the recent 1000 bills include call number, duration and charge.
Automatically add up the charge of all bills. Can reserve the recent 32 days day-sum-charge.
Modem inside, support centralized management. Can download price and upload bills remotely.
Excellent thunder resistance, excellent stabilization.
Battery inside, can last work more than 48 hours without outside power.