Sell GKS-CK001 COOL WAY , car accessories

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Product structure chart Protection cover
Bottom bracket
Main body

Technical parameter Technology: semiconductor refrigeration sheet
Power Input: DC 12V, 3A
Consumption: 36w (Max)
Unit Weight: 700g
Noise: less than 30 decibels
Volume: 350ml
Color: black and silver grey
Package Size: 24cmW24cmW12cm

Direction for use
*You should plug in the cigar lighter hole. Direct power may damage the product.
*Please control this product according to height of drink or drink hole when assembling.
*Refrigeration speed is twenty minutes, so less time may not get refrigeration effect.
*It can be applied on the drinks and table-water. It is forbidden to freeze the bottle which diameter is larger than the interior diameter of the product.
*Please cover the product after freezing to prevent dust in.
*The product applies high-tech abrasion proof materials as its internal bladder, so it is no need to clean.
*It is suggested to remove plug after the motor is dead.

Major features
*Changing traditional design mode for car refrigerator.
*Only covering small space.
*Convenient, can be folded when there is no use.
*No need to install, plugging is available.
*Owing to the height of the drink stand or hole in different cars differs, we provide an adjustable base for free.
*Changing traditional air refrigeration mode and applying refrigerating fluid.
*The refrigerating fluid slings to drink container, which reduce refrigerating time and promote refrigerating efficiency.
*The product applies environmental protection high abrasion proof material, so the quick-frozen effect will not reduce after ten thousand times.
*Physical refrigeration mode and no side effect.
*The product can cut of power automatically, which saves battery quantity.
*We have tested ten thousand times on the plug, which dose not effect the function of jack and the product.
*Simple and stable installation, which will not interfere the driving condition at any time.
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