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Glitter Powder:
Jingcai's main product is glitter powder, brilliantly colored particles of precision cut polyester films, including golden and silver glitter , colorful glitter, rainbow glitter and laser glitter , products shapes are expressed in form of standard specifications.
Specification: products shapes commonly are expressed in form of tetragon and hexagon, standard size rang for the products is from 0.1mm to 3.0mm.
Color spectra: rainbow, golden, silver, red, blue, green, and purple etc. Meanwhile, we keep our eyes on the prevailing fashion trend and create varieties of new colors to satisfy our customers. Besides, we can match any shade as per our valuable customers requirement.
Application: As an unique surface-layer material, glitter powder are widely used in the following scopes: Christmas crafts, art products made of wax, cosmetic, fabric printing, glass artwork, decoration used paint, furniture spray-painting, etc. The key function of glitter powder is to enhance and enrich vision effects, to make decoration products with voluptuous beauty.

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