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High maltose syrup is a kind of syrup made from high quality corn starch with maltose as main content by double enzyme technique, it is a kind of colorless, transparent thic liquid with moderate sweet taste and fragrance of malt. Its plastid is clear and transparent. If tasted swavity and purity are your sense. High maltose syrup also often is used in bread, cake and beer brewage because of its well volatility. Meanwhile , it's also widely used in other fields such as candy, drink, making foodstuff, frozen foodstuff and seasoning and so on. On the other hand, high malose syrup is not metabolized depending on insulin of human body, so blood sugar level is increased slowly, furthermore, it has low calorie and will benefit the deabetes and adiposis patients.

the specifications:
Dry solid substance: 75%,80%; 82%;85%
Ash:< 0.5% ;
De: 40-60,
PH 4.6-6.0;
Cooking temperature: 133 ?? ;
Bacteria(cfn/g) : <3000;
Coliform bacteria(mpn/100g) :<30;
Salmonella: Not detected;
As(mg/kg) :<0.5;
PB(mg/kg) :< 0.5.