Sell GM-BSC Series Coal Feeder with Proof Pressure

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Coal feeder with proof Pressure is advanced equipment of coal providing system in the coal fired thermal power plant. It can transmit the coal from the original coal storehouse to the coal mill continuously and evenly. Also it continuously measures and adjusts the coal providing volume. Meanwhile, this machine adjusts the feeding quantity of coal according to the need of burning system.

Performance of product:
This machine is normally working, with in 0.06~0.11Mpa pressure from the coal grinding milling coal machine. So the structure of the feeder is sealed as a whole, without any dust and gas leakage. Furthermore, when the accumulation of coal dust inside the feeder exceeds a certain capacity, spontaneous combustion happens. So on the design of the feeder we adopt clearing system in order to decrease the coal dust accumulation. Also the feeder can afford 0.35Mpa flameproof pressure.

This machine is a high precision, computer controlled device that adjust feeder quantity automatically.
It has reliable break off, block up and belt departure detection. It is also equipped with high sensitive coal flux detection.
Chamber able to take pressure and dust flameproof sensor ensure the security when running at medium speed.
You can assemble the fetch equipment as needed.
The measure part and transmit part of GM-BSC11 type feeder can be drew out from the chamber. For GM-BSC12 type feeder, you can operate directly through the side repair door, which is convenient to change the belt and reduce the maintenance space.