Sell GM-Model IPL Device for Hair Removal and Rejuvenation

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The device is the third generation product of our company, its performance is better, energy is stronger, treatment effect is better, operation very easy. The cosmetic function of this device mainly divides into two major parts: First is hair removal, to eliminate various kinds of unwanted hair and to shrink the pores; Second is rejuvenation to remove red blood silk, face flush, rosacea, black bead, tiny wrinkle, etc. To improve skin color to be luster and smooth, and to tighten up and to relax the skin, increasing the elasticity.
1. Hair removal: The machine utilizes absorption characteristic of hair melanin to intense light of this wave band, the energy absorbed acts on the hair follicle, suppressing the hair to grow, thus achieve the goal of removing hair. So the result of hair removal is precise, and no damage to the sweat gland. Generally taking 3-5 courses of treatment, cycle of each course of treatment is 21-25 days.
2. Rejuvenation: 1. Strong pulsed long wave light enters skin organization, actives the histiocyte, improves the reparation function, promotes collagen cell's regeneration, increases the elasticity of the skin, and the old epidermal cell exfoliates, combining inside and outside effect comes to the result of smoothing the wrinkle, so the result of treatment is slower than hair removal. Generally taking 5-7 courses of treatment, cycle of each course of treatment is 25-28 days. 2. Wide spectrum intense pulsed light includes different color sections light wave, each color section light wave acts on faces various kinds of affected part colors. But the energy is divided by spectrum, thus the result of treatment is slow down relatively, generally taking about 5-7 times. Resolution of pigment spot happens with the radiation of corresponding light wave, and the resolution of the pigment granule takes place by every treatment. With the continues resolution of pigment, the pigment granule become thinner and thinner, so as to make one part be excluded from the body with metabolism, another part be eaten by the internal macrophage cell, gone with internal circulation, pigment thereupon disappears, various kinds of face flaw are removed at the same time. Generally the effect is obvious to see after three courses of treatment.
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