Sell GMP medicinal hot air oven

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There is steam heating, electricity, heat-conducting oil, add steam electric dual-use in four ways.
The use of temperature: steam heating 50-140 0, maximum 150 0;
Electric heating 50-350 0;
150 ~ 250 0 Heat Transfer Oil
The implementation of automatic control of temperature, and Record recorder;
Tank wall are full welding, Department of the transition are the transition arc, no dead ends.
Good sealing machine, sealing device unique guide to ensure the tightness of the machine.
Matching inlets HEPA filter; of mouth supporting efficiency air filter.
Double-door oven achieve mechanical interlocking double-door;
Oven various components can be quickly demolished Express installed to facilitate cleaning;
Control system with text display, touch-screen options;
Machine in line with the "GMP" requirements.