Sell GN-10060 laser engraving and cutting machine

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GN-10060 is an economic laser machine that can be used in many areas. The using of high-speed, high-precision straight guide tracks and reasonable scheme of the moving structure ensures the high-speed, high-precision of processing, integrality and reliability of the art design.
The machine is matched with puffing and absorbing devices, two sets of manual and foot switch starting device, and can choose working table from honeycomb, board and strip for the needs of different industry.

Craftwork, Wood, Bamboo, Adverting, Garment, Leather, Publication, Decorating, Architecture models, etc.
Advertising industry, Handicrafts industry. It can engraving and cutting on surface or irregular surface of nonmetals such as: bamboo, wood, acryl, two-color board, pottery, china, glass, stone, etc.
The function of gradient engraving can fulfill the needs of printing on rubber board in printing and plate marking industry.
Leather garments industry, suitcase industry. It can engraving and laying-off cutting on the leather and piece goods, cutting of embroidery-stickers, trademarks in the garment supplementary material industry.

Laser-type:Hermitic and detached CO2 Laser tube
Laser-power: 60W / 80W
Engraving area: 1000mmW600mm,1200mmW600mm
Engraving speed:0-1500mm/s
Cutting speed:0-500mm/s
The minimum letter size:
Chinese characters 2mmW2mm
Letter 1mmW1mm
Repeating location:10.02mm
Controlling mode:DSP movement controlling technology
Cooling mood:Water-cooling and protection system
Working voltage:220V110% 50HZ
Machine dimension: GN-10060:1375mmW1140mmW1010mm
Brand Name
Gaoneng Laser
Model Number