Sell GN-12090L laser engraving and cutting machine

GN-12090L laser engraving and cutting machine You May Also Be Interested In: co2 laser tube engraving and cutting machine
This machine is optimized on the basis of large breadth laser machine, it solves the problem of laser power losing successfully and achieve the highest usable ratio of laser power.

Laser-type:Hermitic and detached CO2 Laser tube
Laser-power: 60W / 80W
Engraving area: 1200mmW900mm
Engraving speed:0-1500mm/s
Cutting speed:0-500mm/s
The minimum letter size:Chinese characters 2mmW2mm
Letter 1mmW1mm
Repeating location:10.02mm
Controlling mode:DSP movement controlling technology
Cooling mood:Water-cooling and protection system
Working voltage:220V110% 50HZ
Machine dimension:1895mmW1600mmW1065mm
Brand Name
Gaoneng Laser
Model Number