Sell GN-H260 laser welding machine

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Laser welding is a new method of welding, mainly used in welding thin materials, precision components. It can realize spot welding, face to face welding, overlap welding and pressurize welding, etc.
It has the characteristics as high depth-dot diameter ratio, slender welding seam, small heat-area, little distortion and fast welding.
The welding seam is smooth. After welding there is no need for welding seam to be processed or only be processed simply.
High quality of welding seam, and no gas hole in it. It can reduce and optimize impurity of mother material. The seaming intension, temper equal to or beyond the mother material.
It can be controlled accurately, the focusing spot is very small and can be positioned with high accuracy. It is easy to realize automation. Materials of different sorts can be welded.

Application materials and industry:
Laser welding can be used in welding same kind of metal and its alloy such as titanium, nickel, tin, copper, aluminium, chrome, niobium, gold, silver, steel, etc. It also can realize welding between different materials like copper-nickel, nickel-titanium, copper-titanium, titanium-molybdenum, brass-copper, soft steel-copper and so on.
It can be applied widely to battery for mobile phone, sensors, clocks, watches, jewelry, craftwork, electronic components, spectacles, precision instruments and medical apparatus and instruments etc.

Max. laser impulse energy:50J
Max. Input power:300W
Input power:250W
Min. light spot diameter:0.2mm
Impulse width:0.5-10ms
Impulse frequency:0-100HZ
Welding depth:1.5mm
Welding scope:100 mm x 200mm (custom-made)
Repeating location:0.015mm
Working time:more than or equal to 20 hours
Water temperature:16 centigrade-30 centigrade
Whole Power:10KW
Machine dimension:650mmW1420mmW1160mm
Brand Name
Gaoneng Laser
Model Number