Sell GN-Z60 laser marking machine

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CO2 LASER MARKING MACHINE using high speed scanning mirror and beam expander focalize system. It can realizes 24 hours continuous working with high precision and speed.
This machine has the features of high energy transition rate, high quality laser beam, long working life and without maintains. It is suitable for marking on non-metal materials such as organic glass, ceramic (such as PVC, ABS and most polyester) , composed material, wooden, bamboo, rubber, leather, paper, cloth, etc.

Application industry:
Capacitance, inductance, PCB, IC, insert board for electrical devices, meters and controlling panel; garment industry, button, packaging of cosmetics, food, beverage, stationery, craftworks, etc.

Hermitic and detached CO2 Laser tube-Z60A
Metal CO2 RF Laser tube-Z60B
Laser-power:60W-Z60A, 30W-Z60B
Engraving area:170W170mm(Other modes optional)
Engraving speed:0-7000mm/s
Cutting speed:0-5mm/s--Z60A, 0-15mm/s--Z60B
Marking Line Width:0.1mm
Repeating location:10.002mm
Cooling mood:Water-cooling and protection syste
Working voltage:220V110% 50HZ
Power:1200W--Z60A, 1000W--Z60B
Machine dimension:1100 mmW640 mmW500mm
Brand Name
Gaoneng Laser
Model Number