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Powered by S195N and SH1100N diesel engines, its a dual-purjpose tractor both for pull-type work and for stationary PTO driven equipment, it has the following features: structural compactness, durability, easy operation, sufficient power output, light weight and good maneuver reliability. An adjustable seat is also provided to ease the work of the operator. This model of tractor is suitable for use in paddy fields, small plots of dry field, orchard, vegetable garden as well as in hilly areas with small inclination. With different kinds of farm implements mounted, the tractor can be used for ploughing, rotary-cultivating, harrowing in paddy fields, harvesting, transportation and so on. It can also drive-stationary PTO-driven equipment such as for small scale drainage and irrigation, sprinkling and spraying, threshing, cotton-ginning, flour-millling, fodder-cutting, and other farm work in the countryside.

Basic specification of chassis:
Dimensions (mm) : 2950X980X1240
Minimum ground clearance (mm) : 210
Wheel tread (mm) : 810;750;690;630;570
Driving wheel: 6.00-12 (4-ply) rubber tyre
Construction weight (kg) : 350
Total weight including fuel and water (kg)
With rotary cultivator: 460
Alternator: model SFF-150 permanent magnet,
AC generator
Operation Depth(cm) Width(cm)
Ploughing 17-23 33
Rotary tilling 12-17 60

Specification of S195N diesel engines:
Type: single, horizontal, water cooling, 4-stroke
Cylinder bore x piston stroke (mm) : 95x115
Displacement ( L) : 0.815
Compression ratio: 20:1
Rated output:
12-hour power: (kw/hp) : 8.82/12
Rated speed(r. p. m) : 2000
Cooling system: condenser
Starting method: hand crank
Net weight (kg) : 140

Specification of SH1100N diesel engines:
Type: Single, horizontal, water cooling, 4-stroke
Cylinder bore x piston stroke (mm) : 100 x 115
Displacement (l) : 0.903
Compression ratio: 17
Rated output:
12-hour power: 11.03 / 15 (kw/hp)
rated speed(r. p. m) : 2200
cooling system: condenser
starting method: hand crank
Net weight (kg) : 150
Chain box : chain drive (double row, roller type chain, 1/2, 64 links)
Specification of clutch: 2-disc, constant-contact, friction type
Specification of gearbox: gear type - (3+1) x2 high/low range
Specification of final drive: 2-step gear redution
Specification of brake: internal expanding ring type
Specification of steering system: jaw clutch
Speed (km/hr)
Forward 1.4,2.5,4.1,5.3,9.4,15.3
Reverse 1.0,3.8
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Brand new
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