Sell GOLD COIN COVERED London Double Decker Bus

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This incredible London Bus is completely covered with over
100,000 GOLD PLATED original, pre decimal British Pennies.

The coins span five reigns on the 'face' dating back to 1860
and include Queen Victoria, Edward Vll, George V, George Vl to Queen Elizabeth ll, with Britannia on the 'tail'.

The 'old' British penny, as it was known, was last minted in 1967, prior to decimalisation in the UK on 15 February 1971. Each successive monarch faces the opposite way, except for the Georges due of course to the abdication of Edward Vlll.

Big Ben is in superb mechanical condition and has been meticulously maintained throughout its history.

The famous clock at the Houses of Parliament in London is known as Big Ben but actually it is the name of the huge bell inside the tower. For many years the clock was regulated by adding or subtracting small weights on the mechanism and these old pennies were ideal for the job and readily available . . . . plentiful in everyone's pocket.

To celebrate the close ties between Britain and America, Big Ben's unusual livery includes both its name and the famous clocktower (with working clock) depicted in US nickels.

This awesome vehicle is an authentic 1958 'Routemaster' the most reliable and well loved of all the 'Double Deckers' and it is now for sale.

It offers substantial potential as a tour bus, and mobile or static billboard, which could generate considerable revenue.

Used in just this way for several years, Big Ben was itself a familiar attraction
in Niagara Falls.