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Summary: GP600 time-sharing thermostat is a new product with intelligent time-sharing automatic temperature control function. It can satisfy users higher requirements for environmental control. Different ambient temperatures can be obtained in different periods of time, which not only satisfies the customers requirements for temperature, but also brings an energy-saving effect. Its characteristics fully display the new concept in the field of modern temperature control, that is, comfort and energy-saving.

Main functions and characteristics
1. Large screen liquid crystal monitor, providing clear display of all working conditions and data.
2. Site programming, which can set temperature into 4 periods a day, 28 periods a week with automatic circulation every week to achieve precise control of the ambient temperature.
3. Automatic working mode: Start time-sharing working mode and set automatic change according to the temperature of each period.
4. Manual working mode: Invalid set time-sharing data. The present set temperature is continuously executed.
5. Memory function. No loss of the set data after power-off
6. Low temperature protection, anti-freezing function.
7. Precise display of the local time with clock function (week, hour and minute) .
8. With communication function so that remote and central control can be obtained (optional) .
9. Blue anti-light (optional) .
10. Time-sharing control of the ambient temperature which offers better comfort and prevent unnecessary energy consumption with obvious energy-saving effect.

Product Model
Name Model Characteristics

Time-sharing thermostat GP600A Control switch type of 3-wire motorized valve
Time-sharing thermostat GP600B Control fan coil and 2-wire motorized valve
Time-sharing thermostat GP600C Control fan coil
Time-sharing thermostat GP600D Control fan-coil and 3-wire motorized valve
Time-sharing thermostat GP600G Passive contact output thermostat
Time-sharing thermostat GP600-L With anti-light blue screen
Heating thermostat GP650RT Control high-power(2000W) , with heat-resistant protection, programmable
Heating thermostat GP650RHT Control high-power(3000W) , with heat-resistant protection, programmable
Technical parameters:

Working voltage AC200-240V 50-60HZ
Power consumption less than 1W
Period number: 4 periods a day at most, 28 a week at most
Output mode relay
Contact capacity AC250V 1A Model R AC250V 16A
Control precision +0.75~-0.75 degree
Temp. measuring range 5~90:C
Outer size 86mmW86mmW14mm
Outer shell white, high-quality anti-flaming material: PC/ABS
Installation standard 2-M4, standard wiring box 60mm-65mm
Wiring diameter wire section diameter less than or equal to 1.5mmWmm
Weight 350g
Available Colors
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Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
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