Sell GP80 series room thermostat

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Summary: GP80 series room digital thermostat is suitable for the control of the fan coil in the central air-conditioning systems and household air-conditioners. It is a top-grade digital product with the design of a super-thin and super-small appearance and a liquid crystal monitor with a large screen, which can have far IR remote control and anti-light functions.

Main functions and characteristics
1. Super-thin and super-small appearance, compact structure, easy installation and perfect combination with modern decoration.
2. Modes changeable among cooling, heating and ventilation.
3. Under automatic mode, the three speeds, high, medium and low, of the blower fan can change automatically, and the ventilation mode of a certain speed can also be set manually.
4. Timing turn-off function. Time of automatic delayed timing turn-off can be set by users (0.1-9.9hours) .
5. Far IR remote control. All-function remote control can be made with a super-thin remote controller (which can be selected) .
6. Large screen liquid crystal monitor, providing clear display of all working conditions and data.
7. Anti-light blue screen(which can be selected) .
8. Outer shell of top-grade anti-flaming material: PC/ABS, anti-flaming, non-discoloring, delicate, bright and clean.
9. Data locking memory, which can prevent data from being randomly verified by non-management persons.
10. Power-off protection. If power-off occurs during the operation of the thermostat, it will get into sleep mode when the power is on again. It can only be turned on by man so as to ensure safety and energy-saving.

Product Model
Name Model Characteristics
LCD thermostat GP100A Control switch type of 3-wire motorized valve
LCD thermostat GP100B Control fan coil and 2-wire motorized valve
LCD thermostat GP100C Control fan coil
LCD thermostat GP100D Control fan-coil and 3-wire motorized valve
LCD thermostat GP100G Passive contact output thermostat
LCD thermostat GP100-Y With remote controller
LCD thermostat GP100-L With anti-light blue screen
LCD thermostat GP104 Control 4-pipe fan-coil
Heating thermostat GP150RT Control high power (2000W) , with heat-resistant protection
Heating thermostat GP150RHT Control high power (3000W) , with heat-resistant protection

Technical parameters:
Working voltage AC200-240V 50-60Hz
Power consumption less than 1W
Contact capacity AC250V 1A Model R AC250V 16A
Control precision +0.75~-0.75 degree
Temp. measuring range 5~90:C
Outer size 86mmW86mmW13mm
Outer shell white, high-quality antiflaming material: PC/ABS
Installation standard 2-M4, standard wiring box 60mm-65mm
Wiring diameter wire section diameter less than or equal to 1.5mmWmm (Model R 2.5mmWmm)
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
10000 units per month
Available Colors
Condition of Goods
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
7 days
Model Number
RTC 10
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
240 volts,50/60 Hz
Terms of Payment
L/C at sight and T/T
Terms of Sale
FOB shanghai
Warranty Coverage
12 month