Sell GP900Dseries digital microwave transmission system

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GP900D-/S/X/Ku series digital microwave transmission system is designed through our several years experiences of research and development on microwave transmitting equipments, which Adopt digital code compression, digital modulation and digital microwave technology, supporting MPEG-2, DVB-S and DVB-C standard S wave band (2.4GHZ) , X band (8GHZ) , Ku-band (11GHZ) digital microwave transmission system.

Function and Features
1. Adopt QPSK and QAM standards to modulate, the quality of the program is good, with large transmitting capacity and long transmitting distance, high utilization rate, good anti-interference ability and safety
2. Be able to transmitting 6~11 digital; TV signal
3 Also can relay with the same or different frequency, or use digital regenerated relay transmission to eliminate C/N cumulative error.
4 Meeting the standard of the broadcasting customers, support flat protocol and end-to-end compatibility, high cost performance

Main Technology Index

standard international standard ISO
11172(MPEG-1) ISO13818(MPEG-2)
output code rate 1~20Mbps
audio support stereo or double sound
channels input 64~384Kbps
input interface A1/A2/V, SDI, AES/EBU
output interface ASI, SPI optional