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Summary: GP901 series room thermostat uses micro processor and fuzzy logic control of artificial intelligence to improve the precision of temperature control so as to make environment more comfortable and energy consumption obviously lower. It is used in the fan coil system and air system of the central air-conditioning system.
1. Human-based design, elegant streamline appearance, perfect combination with modern decoration.
2. Its outer shell is of top-grade imported material PC/ABS, fireproofing, non-discoloring, delicate, bright and clean.
3. Under automatic mode: automatic operation with changeable wind blow according to the set temperature to achieve comfort and energy-saving.
4. Under manual mode: it can work under one of the six working conditions according to users needs. Convenient and flexible.
5. Delayed turning-off. Turning-off time can be set by users(0.1~9.9 hours) .
6. With data locking, memory function.
7. Power-off protection. If power-off occurs during the operation of the thermostat, it will get into sleep mode when the power is on again. It can only be turned on by man so as to ensure safety and energy-saving.

Product Model
Name Model Characteristics
LCD thermostat GP901A Control switch type 3-wire motorized valve
LCD thermostat GP901B Control fan coil and 2-wire motorized valve
LCD thermostat GP901C Control fan coil
LCD thermostat GP901D Control fan coil and 3-wire motorized valve
LCD thermostat GP904 Control 4-pipe fan-coil

Technical parameters:
Working voltage AC200-240V 50-60HZ
Power consumption less than 2W
Output power 200W
Control precision +0.75~-0.75 degree
Temp. measuring range 5~90:C
Outer size 116mmW86mmW24mm
Outer shell white, high-quality anti-flaming material: PC/ABS
Installation standard 2-M4, standard wiring box 60mm-65mm
Wiring diameter wire section diameter less than or equal to 1.5mmWmm
Available Colors
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
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