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GSM tracker (103) Features & Function:
1 Real-time Positioning.
When you want to know where it your car is, user could send the message *W# to the Tracker and you will get return text message"+22.3333, +111.3333". You can check its location from Google Earth. Using our software, its location will be showed automatically on your screen.
2. Driving Route Display
You can check driving route display to know where your car went yesterday or a certain period. Its route can be displayed on Google Earth very clearly.
3. Auto-Tracking Position:
User could set the device to send back the position information automatically.

*T# Enable this function.

*TD# Disable the function

*Per*XXX# XXX means how many minutes the device will report its location. For example, *per*60# means GPS 103 can report its location every 60 minutes.
4. Listening in:
If you want to know what is happening to your car. You can call it to hear what is going on. You also may edit a text Message to ask it call police station for help.
5. Remote Engine-stop and Resume.
Sending a text Message "*STOP# and "*RE#" , you can easily to stop/resume your car engine to prevent your car from being stolen. For safety purpose, please cautionly use this fuction during car running.
6. Status Request:
Sometimes users want to know the status of their vehicles. He could send the short message: *Inf#, The feedback includes: ACC: off; Door: closed; GPS : OK; GSM signals: Strong.
7. Over-speed Alarm
When your kids are driving your car, you maybe worried about how fast he is driving. This function could help you.

*O*XXX# This message is to enable this function and XXX means the speed limitation with Km/H. For example *O*80#, which means you setup car speed at 80Km/h (MAX. )

*OD# This message is to disable this function.

8. Alarm Report
8.1 Power supply disconnection alarm. After disconnection, its backup battery can last 5 hours.
8.2 Towing alarm

This function can stop your car from being towed when its parked.

*TowE# To enable this function

*TowD# To disable this function

8.3 Door alarm

When driver stops car and turns off ACC. It will be armed in 4 mins. When door is opened after 1 min, its door sensor will be activated and send a SMS "Warning: Door opened. "

9. Work with Oridinary Car Alarm.

As we all know 80% of new cars are installed security alarm (Ordinary Car Alarm) before sold; But it does not matter, our GPS tracker can work with its security alarm very well. There is an input port that can connect with its car siren. When car siren sound alarm, our GPS tracker will be activated and send info to Monitoring Center.

10. Working with Monitoring Center for Real-time positioning, Driving Route tracking, Vehicle Management.
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