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GPRS Modem
GS620 utilities the GSM/GPRS network for convenient and inexpensive data transfer from remote instruments, meters,
computers or control systems in either live data or packet data. The terminal is capable of GPRS class 8 and 10 using Siemens MC55 GPRS/GSM module.

* GPRS /GSM Modem
- GPRS/GSM data transfer
- general purpose terminal
- transparent transmission
* Full support software
- data transfer via PC
- RS232/485/USB Port

1) GPRS data transmit & receive
2) SMS, voice, data transfer
3) PC communication via RS232/485/USB
4) Direct message transfer mode
5) AT command mode
6) Local control via RS232
7) Same command list for SMS control

GPRS Network connection setup software
Data Uploading
Data Downloading
PC communication via RS232/485/USB
Data Format, Command List and SDK available for user development
Brand Name
Model Number