Sell GPS Antenna(GPA-CG201)

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1. Small size : 33(W) x 36(L) x 12.8(H) mm
2. Environmental consideration : lead free
3. Waterproof : Certified for JIS C0920 IPX7
4. Installation method : magnetic(with rubber feet)
5. Cable length : standard 5m or 3m
6. Connector : standard CN, GT16, HFC
7. Power supply voltage : 3-5V
8. Overseas production (Tianjin, China)

Item Specifications
Antenna Reception frequency 1575.4211.023MHz
Reception polarization Right hand circular polarization
Antenna gain 0dBi min. *1.
Output impedance 50(Ohms)
LNA Reception frequency 1575.4211.023MHz
Noise factor 1.1dB typ.
Gain 26dB typ.
Gain flatness
(within reception band) 1dB max.
Ex-band attenuation 20dB typ. (150MHz)
Overall Overall gain 30dBi typ. (Wave angle) *2
Power supply voltage 3V or 4.5V or 5V
Consumption current 18mA typ.
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