Sell GPS Antenna(GPA-CG2C5)

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1. Utilizes Mitsumi standard case.
2. Miniature size (30mm x 30mm x 11.5mm)
3. Small antenna element (20mm x 20mm x 4mm)
4. Cable length and connector can be customized.
5. Various optional extras (mounting fixtures, spongers, and clips, etc. ) are available to satisfy your needs.

Item Specifications
Antenna Reception frequency 1575.4211.023MHz
Reception polarization Right rotating polarization
Antenna gain 0dBi min.
Output impedance 50(Ohms)
LNA Reception frequency 1575.4211.023MHz
Noise factor 1.1dB typ.
Gain 26dB typ.
Gain flatness
(within reception band) 1dB max.
Ex-band attenuation 18dB min. (fo150MHz)
Overall Overall gain 28dBi typ. (Zenith)
Power supply voltage 5.0V
Consumption current 17mA typ. 25mA max.
Minimum Order 30,000Pcs/Year
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