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General Specifications
Platform: Java, MIDP 2.0
Firmware Upgrade: mini USB interface or by the air interface
Function Setting: mini USB or by the air interface
Power Supply: 9~60 VDC
Power Consumption: Power down 50uA; Sleep mode 3mA ; GPRS class 10(Ave) 600mA
SIM card type: 1.8V, 3V
LED Status Indicator: Main Power/ Battery charge in progress/GPRS/GPS
Serial port interface: Mini USB
Digital GPIO: 6 Bi-directional digital IO ports with voltage protected up to 40V

GPRS/GSM Specifications
GSM module: Wavecome Q2686
Frequency: Quad band 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
Output Power: Class 4(2W) for EGSM 850 and 900 ; Class 1(1W) for GSM 1800 and 1900
Protocol support: TCP/UDP/PPP
GPRS Multi-slot: Class 10
GPRS Mobil station: Class B
Coding scheme: CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4
PBCCH support: Yes
USSD support: Yes
Downlink/ Uplink max. : 85.6Kbps/42.8 kbps

GPS Specifications
Transmission data: NMEA 0183 Ver3.01
GPS chipset / channels: SiRFIII/ 20 channels
Acquisition sensitivity: -137 dBm
Tracking sensitivity: -159 dBm
Receiver frequency: 1575.42MHz L1 C/A Code
Accuracy: (1) Position: 5m CEP ; (2) Datum: WGS-84
Time To First Fix: Cold/Warm/Hot 45/35/1 Sec (average)
Dynamic condition: 4G (39.2m/sec2)
Interface: UART
Operational Limits: (1) Altitude: <18,000m ; (2) velocity: <500m/s
Bit rate: 4800 bps
Start bit: 1 bit
Stop bit: 1 bit
Data bit: 8 bit
Parity: None
Refresh time: 1Sec

Mechanical specification
Dimension: 85 mm(L) X62.5 mm(W) X 28 mm(H)
Weight: 110g

Environment specification
Temperature: Operating -200C to +600C ; storage -400C to +800C

Accessories: AVL device , GPS antenna , GSM antenna , mini USB cable, Power cable , Server program and related documents CD-ROM

Certification: CE / FCC/ RoHS
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