Sell GPS Data Logger & Photo Locator RT08

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This is a data logger+photo locator with passive tracker software, records location data from GPS signal. Record every position of the device holder as a pre-set interval and then upload those data on PC mapping software for viewing the holder's whole day moving path. Also it exactly recorders where all your digital camera pictures were taken and show your picture on google earth.

Build-in flash supports two memory ways:
According to time intervals, up to 54000 points could be recorded, format is DATA/TIME/Lon, at/Speed;
According to distance intervals, up to 27000 points could be recorded, format is DATA/TIME/Lon, Lat/Speed/Distance;

It supports sequential 10days data saving based on recording GPS data every 5 minutes. User can easily upload the recorded points to Google Earth and Google Maps by USB cable or Bluetooth (optional) . Customs software will show the moving path and abnormal alarm on the map.

Optional function
Bluetooth connect function is optional therefore this device can work as a GPS receiver as well, combined it with a Bluetooth enabled PDA or laptop, installed the map software, it will turn to a navigator.

Outdoor worker management
Fleet management
Asset tracking
Sports and Trail
Location Based Services enabled devices
Geographic Surveying
Photo locator