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GPS GSM Car Alarm System G118V & G118VA
When there is an alarm trigger, this system will call the alarm phone numbers. Normally, one alarm phone number is enough for the normal alarm function. If needed,2 or more phone numbers can be set into this system. In case of any alarm, this system will call these numbers by turns, which will never stop until one of these calls is answered. The 1st one is prior. At the same time, system sends short message to these numbers. If the 1st phone is answered, there will be no short message to the 2nd phone number with the information of longitude and latitude.

GPS GSM Car Alarm System G118V & G118VA
WithChinese/English/Russian/Czech/Spanish/Turkish voice reminder, With GPS function.
Model:G118V & G118VA

GPS GSM Car Alarm System G118V & G118VA Feature
1 this car alarm system is compatible with all gas and diesel cars of 12V battery, with a central locking system, negative point meet metal.
2 With Chinese/English/Russian/Czech/Spanish/ Turkish voice reminder.
3 Friendly human voice reminder. The user needn't memorize any command to operate the system.
4 Remote open/close car door and trunk release.
5 Remote arm/disarm.
6 Any trigger will auto-dial the preset phone No. and send SMS.
7 Enquiry the status of your car by any phone.
8 No distance limit to control your cars by any phone or SMS.
9 Remote police alert/monitor/oil cut-off/power off/voice frightening.
10 Can activate/deactive car running.
11 Can prohibit/permit telephone alarm.
12 With hidden emergency button, it can send help signal quietly.
13 With backup battery.
14 With hicker memory and safety reminder.
15 Can start car engine and air conditioner by remoter, phone or SMS to create a comfortable driving environment.
16 Car mobile and GSM location
17 Metal case and hopping code remoter.
18 With GPS function.

GPS GSM Car Alarm System G118V & G118VA Specification
* GPS GSM Car Alarm System G118V & G118VA Mainframe
Working Voltage:12V
Static Current (with GSM Module) :40mA -60 mA
Arm/Disarm Working Frequency:300MHz-500HMz
* Cover Area and Capacity:identical to the GSM system
* Location Accuracy:5-10M (which depends on the GPS satellite)
* Alarming Duration:Alarm lasts until it is disarmed or the phone call is answered.
* Voltage of the Output Control Point
Ignition Control:0V
Siren Control:12V
Petrol Control:0V
Speaker Control:12V
* Input Checking Voltage
Foot Brake:12V
* Frequency:GSM 900MHz/1800MHz
Voltage of Serial Interface:2.8V
Stand-by Current:11-25mA
Static Current:4mA
* Remote Control
Working Voltage:12V (1 A27 12V dry battery)
Working Frequency:300MHz-500HMz
Control Distance:20-100M
Static Current:0mA
* Working Conditions
Storage Temp. :-300~+850
Working Temp. :-200~+800
Working Humidity:10% ~ 95%
* Working Temp. :-100~+800
Working Humidity:10%~95%
* Size of the Mainframe
Brand Name
Patrol hawk
Supply Capacity
Available Colors
Silvery white
Condition of Goods
317*248*122 mm
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
G118V &26 G118VA
Minimum Order Quantity
Power Requirements
110-240 volts, 50/60 hz
Terms of Payment
Terms of Sale
FOB ShenZhen
Warranty Coverage