Sell GPS Monitoring System

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Vehicle anti-theft, dispatch, monitoring and management system adopts world leading GPS global satellite positioning technology, GSM global mobile communication technology, GIS geographic information processing technology, computer network communication and data processing technology. It is a social integrated protection and remote monitoring, communication, management and dispatch system developed on the basis of the existing GSM (China Mobile / China Unicom) communication system. The GPS data of moving targets, other instructions and various warning data are all sent to the data processing center through GSM signaling channels, and the system can provide voice communication capability.
The system can make all-weather dynamic monitoring, positioning, tracking, commanding and dispatching of various GPS users, and finish correct, fast and effective intelligence management. It has be widely used in various social institutions:
* Army, public security, armed police vehicles
* Bank cash carriers, automobile banks
* Safety and reconnaissance vehicles for insurance industry
* Buses
* Taxies
* Long-distance freight vehicles
* Mail cars and carriers for post office
* Enterprise vehicles
* Material exchange monitoring for large enterprises
Cames GPS Monitoring System functional characteristics:
* Anti-robbing warning function
* Area, line limitation warning function
* Strong anti-theft and monitoring function
* Flameout monitoring and remote control, oil cut-off remote control function
* Electronic map
* Automatic archiving function
* Redisplay function
* System wireless self check function
* Anti-jamming capability
* Vehicle-mounted GSM radio phone function
* 4-key manual remote control function